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So many recipes... such little time!

What will you cook with wine today?

Wine Recipes

Make the most of your wine ~ Try these wine-based recipes, expertly presented by Wine Experts Burlington!  Come back often for new recipes, or sign up here for our monthly newsletter and receive notifications from us. 

Vegetarian Lentil Curry in Wine

You may eat vegetarian, but you can still enjoy your wine! Try this vegetarian curry lentil recipe!

Succulent Lamb Chops

Be honest: When's the last time you've enjoyed a beautiful lamb chop? Alas, the best and easiest recipe... using your own wine!

Low carb shrimp and veg

Try this low-carb recipe using your white wine!

Spanish Chicken Stew

This delicious and easy stew recipe will be your next best friend at a family gathering!

Mac and Cheese Tuna bake

It's the reinvented Mac + Cheese! With tuna and wine. Delish!

Strawberries + Wine Compote

This is our warm and deliciously sweet strawberry dessert (with wine, of course!)

Brasilian Fish Soup with Wine

This traditional Brasilian fish soup is a delicately flavoured coconut-based broth with wine, and perfect as a lunch or dinner-time indulgence!

Cranberry Sauce with Wine

Ditch the canned stuff and make this super-easy Cranberry sauce using your Winexpert Burlington wine!

Red cabbage and prunes

Deliciously sweet and tangy, this quick-cook red cabbage is a perfect side dish for pork or poultry.

Pumpkin and Wine Risotto

Thanksgiving is coming! Try making our Winexpert Burlington risotto with pumpkin - perfect for entertaining!

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Oh, the things you can cook up... with wine!

Vegetarian Lentil Curry in Wine

Succulent Lamb Chops in Wine

Low Carb Shrimp and Zucchini

Spanish Chicken Stew with Wine

Strawberry Red Wine Compote

Brasilian Fish Soup with wine

Cranberry Sauce with wine

Red cabbage and prunes

Pumpkin and Wine Risotto

Mushroom and wine soup

Quick Coq au Vin

Paleo white wine cream sauce

Chocolate wine truffles

Honey BBQ wine wings

Homemade BBQ wine sauce

Refreshing wine cocktails

Marinara wine sauce

Red wine potatoes

Slow cooker beef + veg

Slow cooker chocolate wine cake

Chocolate red wine drizzle

Mushrooms in red wine sauce

BEST wine marinade for beef

Dark chocolate red wine cookies

Easy pork tenderloin with wine

Best wine tempeh marinade

Cabbage sausage wine soup

Chicken white wine + tarragon

Peaches in red wine dessert

Scallop corn chowder white wine

Pear pie with rosemary + wine

Bread pudding + wine

White wine garlic spaghetti

Drunken red wine pasta

Wine baked beans

Clams in white wine

Easy fish in red wine sauce

Strawberry red wine popsicles

Red wine + garlic paté

Lentil chorizo oranges stew

Chicken garlic in white wine

Slow cooker beef wine stew

Wine baste for roasted turkey

Wine marinated shrimp

DIY wine vinegar recipe

Mulled wine

Red wine + onion marmalade

White wine mushroom sauce

Super easy red wine sauce

20-minute chicken white wine

Healthy sangria

Poached peaches in wine

Blackberry + lemon wine mojito

Want to make your own wine but don't know where
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