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Getting married? Let's make your party favour wine!

First of all: If you're getting married, CONGRATULATIONS! That deserves a toast, and a great wine celebration!
Wine Experts Burlington is your best place to make quality, affordable wines for your special day. Whether you're looking to serve your own wine, or provide wine as party gifts for your guests, we can help you! Wine Experts Burlington is Ontario's largest wine-making facility, and we have A HUGE SELECTION of quality wines that beat anyone else in Burlington, and beyond!
Do you have a wine preference? We can match it (but not overpriced!)
It's so easy to make your preferred wine without breaking the bank. Tell us what your favourites are and we can match them with one of our own wine-making kits.
Plan your own wine-tasting party... on us!
Curious to taste the wines we make? Join us at one of our wine tastings! We hold these wine tastings monthly at Wine Experts Burlington, at our store on Drury Lane, for private parties. There is no charge to attend and taste the wines we feature, and they are usually held after our stores close, so you can bring your friends and see what the wine-making experience is all about. 
(Conditions apply – please inquire what is necessary for us to do this for you and your party). 
Check out some of our wedding wine ideas!
Come visit our super-talented and friendly staff at Wine Experts Burlington, so we can show you all the ideas we have about wine-making, for your wedding...
  • Host a wine bottling night as part of your wedding engagement celebration!  Make your own wine when you get engaged, and enjoy it when you get married!
  • Add your own personalized wine bottles to your personal Jack & Jill wedding party... Sell the bottles to raise money for your wedding or honeymoon, or give small bottles away as a parting gift!
  • Personalize some bottles as a 'thank you gift idea' for the bride and groom's parents (you can keep and enjoy the rest!)
Hey guess what: we have specials every month!
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Before you begin:
  • How many guests do you expect to serve wine to?
  • What's the proportion of white vs red vs sparkling and rosé?
  • At which time of year is the event being planned for? (summer vs. winter)
  • Will this be an indoor or outdoor event?
Now that you know,
contact us!
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