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Personalized wine for your Special Event

Wine is a highlight in many events ~ from engagement parties to showers, to weddings and special anniversary parties ~ so it's a great idea to make your own at Wine Experts Burlington.! It will not only save you money but it will be a special personalized gift your guests can take home.
How much wine should I make?
The amount of wine you decide to serve at your event, will depend largely on the amount of wine drinkers/adults, and whether the event will be held indoor or outdoors. 
NOTE: Please check ahead of time with your venue to ensure they will allow you to bring/serve wine made elsewhere. Some venues are very strict about this rule.
People tend to drink more red wine indoors and during fall, spring and winter weddings, for example. For outdoor events, consider a mix of 25% of each: sparkling / white / red / rose. 
If you're making the wine as a party favour for your guests to take home, we recommend choosing a couple of variations (like a white and a bold red), and use the smaller 375mL bottles. Of course we can assist with making your own labels, to give your bottles that personalized touch! Contact us at Wine Experts Burlington and we'll guide you through it... cheers!
Want to find our more about wedding wine making?
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for you and your guests!
Before you begin:
  • How many guests do you expect to serve wine to?
  • What's the proportion of white vs red vs sparkling and rosé?
  • At which time of year is the event being planned for? (summer vs. winter)
  • Will this be an indoor or outdoor event?
Now that you know,
contact us!

Why make
your own wine at Wine Experts Burlington? 

  • Saves money without compromising quality

  • It's a great hobby

  • The quality of wine is amazing, and the variety is vast

  • It's easy, plus we provide all
    the help you need

  • No tax on DIY wine!

  • Make your own wine for weddings, showers, any party

  • Share a batch among your friends, neighbours, family

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