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Is wine good for your health?

Wine Experts Burlington likes to believe it is! But what do the 'authorities' say? You know, all those studies and all that research... Does it point to a healthy direction? Should you be drinking wine up, sipping cautiously, or not having any at all?

Let's explore.
1 - Quantity matters
For the sake of exploration into this topic, let's keep in mind that any health benefits described come from a lifestyle of modaterate wine drinking. What does that mean? The Heart Association says "moderate wine consumption" means one to two small glasses of wine per day – and not more! Winexpert Burlington agrees with this statement.
2 - What is a 'small' glass of wine?
Studies generally refer to small glass of wine as "4 ounces". Something like this:
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For argument sake, that would mean half a glass of wine. Moderate wine drinking then means ONE full glass per day! Winexpert Burlington recommends enjoying your single glass per day with dinner, as it's always best enjoyed with food and depending upon what you eat (wine pairing).

3 - Good for the ticker
Harvard School of Public Health, the Annals of Internal Medicine and Queen Mary University in London, all published studies pointing to the health benefits of drinking red wine - because of the tannins! Those little tannins contain Procyanidins, which protect against heart disease. The higher the concentration of tannins, the better for health. 

The benefits of tannins have also been linked to a lowered risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, having a stroke, colon cancer and even risk of developing cataracts. Noted, that all of these strongly refer to the 'moderate' amount of drinking, and say this benefit will no longer count if you're drinking heavily!

The benefits of drinking red wine are also associated with its high concentration of resveratrol, and antioxidants. 

4 - What about white wine?
Many of the health benefits related to drinking wine are said to be due to the skins on the grapes. Since the skins are used to make red wine and not white, are white wines still beneficial?

New evidence suggests the pulp of the grapes has just as many health benefits as the skins. HOORAY for white wine lovers! Note that these studies were conducted on laboratory rats, but they're believed to be as beneficial to us humans. Winexpert Burlington likes white wine as much as red wine!

5 - CAUTION - there's bad in there too...
Studies have also been conducted when it comes to wine drinking and mental health. Although wine can help relax the mind and soothe anxiety, too much of it can actually cause anxiety and restless sleep. 

This proves that, as we say at Wine Experts Burlington - everything in moderation! Please enjoy your wine, but drink with caution, sip, and enjoy cautiously. And never, EVER, drink and drive.
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