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Making your own wine just makes sense

At Winexpert Burlington, we have been teaching people how to make their own wine for over 20 years. Wine making is an experience, it's much more than the enjoyment of drinking your own wine! And it's more than a hobby... Here are our top reasons why making wine (with us!) makes sense:
1 - Making your own wine is super-easy
At Winexpert Burlington, all our wine kits are of high quality and high standards, and they all come with simple instructions. We provide everything you need to make your own wine, and we will teach you how to follow the step-by-step format of wine-making. Then we ensure your wine has time to age and ferment (4-6 weeks, depending upon the wine kit/variety you choose), and only then, we will call you so you can come back in to bottle it… That’s the fun part, and it only takes 15 minutes! 
2 - You can experiment with different flavours
Winexpert Burlington is Ontario’s largest wine-making facility, with over 100 varietals to choose from. With us, you can pick whether you feel like making a bold red, a subtle white, a delicate rosé, or how about making a delicious dessert wine? Bring a friend or two, bring a family member, and share in the 30 bottles that a wine kit typically makes!  
3 - It's inexpensive
Making your own wine is much more cost-effective than buying wine at the liquor store - with the same deliciously high quality! Don’t be fooled, wine making has come a long way, and at Winexpert Burlington, we have the highest quality standard out there. You will be saving yourself a lot of money by making your own wine!
4 - Makes for a great hobby!
Wine making is a great hobby. Wine making at Winexpert Burlington is an experience! It's a stress-relieving experience that you will come to know and appreciate, when you meet our friendly staff and other wine-making clients like yourself. Wine making can be a very relaxing activity that doesn't require too much mental focus, so you can forget about your other to-do's and just enjoy the day with us. We promote a friendly, clean, open environment where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the step-by-step process of wine-making... we look forward to meeting you!
5 - Always have wine at hand
Most of our Winexpert Burlington wine kits make 30 bottles of wine, or 60 small gift-bottles. Once you get "into the groove" of making your own wine, you will always have some at hand to give away as gifts to neighbours and friends, to take to parties and celebrations, and most of all, to enjoy yourself. Start your own wine collection and enjoy making a variety of wines to always have at home, to pair up with foods you may be cooking, and for when unexpected guests visit. All at a very reasonable cost! 
6 - Make new friends
Yes, at Winexpert Burlington you will make new friends. Our store's atmosphere is open and comfortable, and a great way to meet others who enjoy the same things you do: Wine!  Learn how we support groups of wine-making friends!
7 - Enjoy your own wine!
The best part about making your own wine, is enjoying the fruits of your labour! Once you pop that cork and serve that very first glass, you will understand why making your own wine is a great hobby... Join us for a tour of our store, and we will introduce you to our staff. Then all you have to do is pick a wine kit to get started with!
Try wine making today at Winexpert Burlington... We'd love to see you here!
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