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Making wine in Burlington ~ and have a ball with your group!

Burlington, Ontario, is the BEST city in which to live, work, and play. At Wine Experts Burlington, we chose Burlington the place in which to set up shop in order to support our community so they too can make their own wine.

Making wine doesn't take very long, and it can be a lot of fun when you have a group of friends or some family members to make it with. 

Through the years, we've hosted whole family 'wine-making parties', bridal shower wine-making parties, groups from a business that will come together and make their own wine for a summer private party, and we've even had some couples who come with their neighbourhood friends to make wine. 

The first stage is the easiest one: Combining the kit of your choosing and mixing all ingredients. Then, after waiting for the appropriate time for the wine to ferment, we will call you so you can come together and bottle your wine. This is such a fun time!

Bottling a wine kit at Wine Experts Burlington is a good opportunity to call again on your friends and family (must be 19 or over) and make the magic happen before you take your completed wine home: Bring the bottles of your choosing (or we can provide you with some for a small fee), bottle, cork, label, and package in the box. One kit makes 30 bottles, so you can each take some wine home to enjoy!
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Special wine-bottling parties

Through the years, Wine Experts Burlington has also hosted wine-bottling parties. Here, you can each taste your wine to make sure it's to your liking, and begin the bottling process while you each enjoy some munchies. We like for this experience to be a special one for you, so you pick the day and time and we can provide the music and munchies!  (Inquire for details). 

Some of our clients will come in on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, to make and bottle their own wine, while others may only come in twice per year. 

Contact us if you have questions about wine-making and wine bottling parties in Burlington – we're sure to make this an excellent experience for your group!

Consider Wine Experts Burlington for your next special occasion!
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Cooking? Need ideas?


Our recipes are perfect for making easy meals - from breakfast to dessert... Explore more recipes!


NOT ALL DIY WINES ARE ALIKE ~  But ours is the best! We have over 40 varieties to choose from... Why not try something new?

Wine Experts Burlington welcomes the opportunity to create a "Winexpert Experience" party for you... Contact us.

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