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What is the perfect temperature for my wine? 

– By Dale, Wine Experts Burlington

The serving temperature of the wine is extremely important for unlocking the full aroma and delicate flavours of wine. 

Each wine has an ideal serving temperature, and one temperature is not suitable for all wines. Generally, red wine should be decanted for close to an hour before serving, while white wine is best served chilled. 

This is a guideline only, as many reds can be enjoyed slightly chilled, while sweet wines can be closer to ambient temperature. 

Refrigerator temperatures are usually set at 2°C (35°F), which can be 'too cold' for many wines, cooling the bottle and making the wine expand as its delicate flavours are somewhat lost and undefined. 

The average temperature for storing wines is 20-22°C (68-72°F) in a dark and humid place, without vibrations. 

Take a look at our chart below, which shows optimal temperatures for serving wine:
best temperature for wine winexpert burl
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