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Want to make your own wine? Here's where to start:

At Wine Experts Burlington, we know everything about making your own wine. It's our expertise, it's what we do, and we know it best so we can teach you how... Here's where to start if you want to make your own wine:
1 - What kind of wine do you prefer?
We have wine-making kits for every preference. From whites, to reds, to rosé, and we can even make ice wine. We have dozens of wine kits to choose from so if you're not sure, start with a basic red like a Malbec. 
2 - How much wine do you drink in a week?
We have clients who make their own wine because they're avid wine drinkers (on average one bottle per day, per couple) and other clients who are weekend wine drinkers but like to have some wine to give as gifts, to have for unexpected guests, to cook with, or to share with family over a special occasion.  Each batch will make 30 large bottles, and on average will take about 4-6 weeks to ferment until you can begin to enjoy it. 
3 - Make an appointment with us, here's why:
As the wine-making experts, we can set up a time to give you a tour of our wine-making store: We will show you how it works, where the supplies are, we can explain the different wine kits and their specific flavours, guide you to the do's and don'ts of wine-making, and you can meet our wonderful team! Plan to be here for 15 to 30 minutes. And of course, all of this guidance is free!
4 - Pick a wine kit, let's get started!
At Winexpert Burlington we pride ourselves on the quality of wine kits we sell, and the fabulous results you can achieve. Once you picked your wine kit, you can begin the wine-making process. This stage takes about 15 minutes, easy-peasy!
5 - Time to ferment... Time for patience!
Once you've prepared your wine batch, you must sit tight and let it ferment. Depending upon the kit you choose, this could take anywhere from 4 to 7 weeks. Our team will call or email you once it's ready for bottling... this is the exciting part! You will make an appointment for either 15 or 30 minutes to come in and bottle your wine.
6 - Bottle it up!
After you received a call or email that your wine is ready, and you've made an appointment to visit our store, this is where you will bring in your bottles to be washed and sterilized in our automated equipment (or you can purchase bottles from us as well), bottle your wine, cork and label it, and take it home to enjoy. 
Wine-making is a great hobby – and a great gift idea!
Making wine at Wine Experts Burlington is a great way to enjoy quality wine at a fraction of store prices. It makes a great gift too - you could say, the gift that keeps on giving!
You could buy a wine kit for dad, who really needs to get out of the house more, for your adult daughter who enjoys wine but doesn't want to pay store prices, or you could gift someone special a kit so they can make their own wine with a group of friends – including you, of course. 
Try winemaking today at Wine Experts Burlington... We'd love to see you here!
Still have questions?
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