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How to make your own wine vinegar!

"Mother of Vinegar" is that lumpy slimey stuff you see at the bottom of the vinegar. It's incredibly healthy and contains live enzymes. Do not throw it out! Click on the image above to read more about The Mother.

As you can see by our many wine recipe links, we love food, but we especially LOVE food made with wine!
Winexpert Burlington loves sharing recipes, and there is nothing better than making your own delicious food. Plus, if you can possibly have any leftover wine (?!), here's a great recipe you can use to make your own wine vinegar! 
Wine vinegar is a healthy option for use in salad dressings, and even in sauces and marinades for chicken, meat and fish/seafood. (Have you checked out our shrimp marinade yet? DELICIOUS!) Here's how to do it:
  • leftover wine
  • unpasteurized vinegar (this should be the most natural, organic vinegar that contains "The Mother" written on the label... that's the natural enzymes that will help in vinegarizing and providing friendly bacteria to your concoction)
  • a bowl or glass jug (not metal)
  • a clean cloth or cheesecloth
  • a wooden spoon
  1. Select a container. Keep in mind you will have to loosely cover it with a clean cloth or a doubled-up cheesecloth, and tie with an elastic band.
  2. Pour your leftover wine inside (3 parts wine to 1 part vinegar)
  3. Pour your unpasteurized vinegar inside to mix with the wine  (remember: 3 parts wine to 1 part vinegar)
  4. Cover with the cloth or cheesecloth and leave in a room-temperature area. Timeline: approximately 1 month for white wine vinegar (that is, using white wine), 2-1/2 months for red wine vinegar
  5. When it's ready, "The Mother" of the vinegar (that is, that goopy, strand-like brown lumps that come with the unpasteurized vinegar) will have sunk to the bottom.)
  6. 5. Once completed, you may pour the new wine vinegar you made onto smaller jars: glass is best, and dark bottles will help it stay delicious! Enjoy!
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