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Wine Experts Burlington:
Crafts with corks!

Are you wondering what you can do with your used wine corks?
At Wine Experts Burlington we believe in "reduce, reuse, recycle"... and here's a great list of "upcycle" ideas for making handy crafts and useful items with your used wine corks.

Check these fantastic ideas out!
Here's how to make wine cork place cardholders. You can also use wine corks for labelling foods and drinks, like cheeses, your Wine Experts Burlington wine... you know, fun stuff!
CLICK HERE for instructions via hopestudios blogspot:
wine cork labels.png
Here's possibly one of the easiest crafts you can make with your used wine corks:
Herb and plant labels! 
CLICK HERE for instructions via
easy wine cork craft.png
These cork wine trivet (Hot plates) are easy to make - and they make great gifts too!
CLICK HERE for instructions via
wine hot plate trivet.png
WOW! is what they'll say when they see your shabby chic cork chandelier! It's a little tougher on the crafty scale, but well worth it!
CLICK HERE for instructions via Mox and Fodder:
These are super sweet! Easy to make, and with a magnet in the back they can be stuck to the fridge too! 
CLICK HERE for instructions via Upcycle That:
wine cork plants.png
cork chandelier.png
winexpert burlington chocolate red wine

Dessert with WINE!


Want to make a deliciously decadent chocolately dessert that has been made using WINE?


Hey ladies, this is a great idea for displaying your jewellery, and you can make it using your used wine corks!  CLICK HERE for instructions via "Crafts for All":
jewellery cork wine.png

NOT ALL DIY WINES ARE ALIKE ~  But ours is the best! We have over 40 varieties to choose from... Why not try something new?

Wine Experts Burlington welcomes the opportunity to create a "Winexpert Experience" party for you... Contact us.

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