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The BEST wines are the ones you can make yourself.

Here's why:

At Wine Experts Burlington, we take pride in the quality of our wine kits. Our wines are considered #1 grapes in the world!  Why is it that making your own wine is the BEST way to enjoy a great glass of fantastic wine? Here's why:
Dinner Party
Make your own wine at Wine Experts Burlington, and have wine at hand for any occasion.
Having a wedding or special anniversary? This is the most economical (and delicious!) wine to have for your guests, and as party favours.
Gourmet Dish
Some of the BEST recipes include wine ~ Our wines will only improve your recipes. Plus check our wine-based recipes out HERE!
There is something to be said about making your own wine: It's easy, it's inexpensive, and the quality produced matches or even surpasses store-bought quality wine. This is the wine world of Wine Experts Burlington.

But we also need to focus on supporting local: Vineyards, farmers, producers, and retailers. This is where Wine Experts Burlington comes in: Our wines are only from the best quality grapes, and we are very picky about which ones we sell!
It's important for us to focus on the HEALTH aspects as well: Many of our wines are sulphate-free since they are made fresh and fermented just enough so they are tasty and of the highest quality. Sulphate-free wines mean fewer headaches and other side effects often related to store-bought wines.

How much does it cost?
Depending upon the type of wine and kit, some batches (which make typically about 30 bottles each) can cost from $140 each! You do the math... that's... how much per bottle?

But in our eyes, it's very important to support local, yet produce quality wine. Winexpert Burlington has been serving clients for over 15 years, and like the wines our customers make, we have only improved with time.

Which wine is best for cooking?
If you are cooking with wine, don't use stale or old wine: This will make your recipe dull and vinegary! It's kind of like using bad broth or oil which has gone off... Always use a good quality wine, that you would drink and enjoy. Our Wine Experts Burlington wines are of the highest quality, and depending on which type you're making, they can last anywhere from six months to a year. Note: Wines have a preferred way of storing them! Ask us if you have any doubts and we can guide you to the best way of storing your wines.

Making your own wine requires the best wine kits, the highest quality make-yourself wine, the cleanest wine-making facility, and the best and friendliest service... At Wine Experts Burlington, we offer all of these.

Let's get started making your own wine! Call or visit our Burlington store today, you will not regret it!

Contact us at Wine Experts Burlington and we'll guide you through it... Cheers!
Looking to find out more about
making your own wine for your WEDDING?
CLICK HERE to find out
everything you need!

Why make
your own wine at Wine Experts Burlington? 

  • Saves money without compromising quality

  • It's a great hobby

  • The quality of wine is amazing, and the variety is vast

  • It's easy, plus we provide all
    the help you need

  • No tax on DIY wine!

  • Make your own wine for weddings, showers, any party

  • Share a batch among your friends, neighbours, family

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