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Welcome to your
wine-making home in Burlington

Come and join us this Summer and make your own wine in Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas – great wine is awaiting you!

Are you new to wine-making? 

Come in and say hello:

in 5 minutes we'll show you how it's done!

Are you looking for a new hobby that will keep giving back?

Making your own wine with Wine Experts Burlington is a rewarding way

to have great, quality wine available all the time!


Making a batch of wine means having 30 bottles at hand:

Uncork a beautiful wine bottle for when company comes, to gift a neighbour or

co-worker,to use while cooking, or just because you'd rather save money while enjoying quality wine.


Welcome to Wine Experts Burlington, Burlington's #1 wine store:

we're glad to serve you!

We are the Wine Experts
in Burlington 


Wine Experts Burlington is the BEST place to make your own wine in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, and surrounding areas!


We are committed to excellence and dedicated to delivering the highest quality products in the wine-making market, which has made us the world's foremost supplier of premium wine kits. 


Our prices include bottle sanitizing, corking,

shrinks AND service charge. Contact us today to make a batch!

"I love cooking with wine;
sometimes I even put it in the food."
– Julia Child

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Why should you make your own wine? 

At Wine Experts Burlington we're all about customer service. We like to empower our clients to teach them the value of making their own quality wine. Learn more HERECome visit our store and meet our friendly staff!

wine glasses clinking winexpert

Is it your birthday?

Let's celebrate YOU! 

Wine Experts Burlington is grateful for our customers, the reason why we are Burlington's number one wine-making facility! Let's celebrate your birthday... Come in to see us for a birthday special! Read more

Getting married? 

Wine Experts Burlington has the best selection of quality wines for you to serve or even to gift your guests at your wedding celebration. Our wines great for any occasion! Wine Experts Burlington can teach you how, and why it's such a great idea. Learn more

wine cork plants.png

Got used wine corks? 

Wine Experts Burlington believes that rather than throwing them out, you can "upcycle" your used wine corks! Here are a few ideas for you: Learn more

best temperature for wine winexpert burl

What's the best temperature for wine?

Learn how you should be storing your Winexpert Burlington wine, and what is the best temperature to serve it as:

Click on the image or HERE.

Plus: download your copy for FREE!

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